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Joshua Dingle

“Our organization, Music Makes Me Happy is proud to say we struck gold when contracting AOI to handle our event planning and public relations. Their team did a stellar job in the planning and execution of our events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Philadelphia! We’re thankful for their attention to detail and look forward to working with them again.”

Anonymous Reviews of “Back 2 Love” A Valentine's day Masquerade Event.

“I REALLY like the Diversity of the patrons you reach out to re: class, gender, age & race!”
“It was an opportunity for people to listen to great music, eat great food, enjoy a great venue and enjoy the company of great people. Also it was an amazing opportunity to support AOI!”
“I enjoyed dressing up and wearing a mask. very nice upscale event!”
The entertainment was pleasing to all of the guests no matter the age or gender. It was perfect.”

Greater Days Ahead

“Excellence and quality all in one!”

Anonymous Reviews of Blondells Day Party & Mixer

“I attended this event by myself and wasn’t sure that it would be a friendly environment. However, everyone was extremely nice and I ended up having a great time!”